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Megan Redmond is a songwriter currently based in Nashville, TN. Born in Portland, OR and raised in the Denver area, she moved to Nashville alone at age 15 to pursue her dream of writing songs. Since signing a publishing deal with Prescription Songs in 2019, Megan continues to have success working with artists such as

carobae, Charlotte Sands, Josh Kerr, Heather Sommer, Charli AdamsTaylor Edwards and more.

A versatile writer in pop, country and sync, Megan is heavily involved in artist development and vocal production. Recent film/tv placements include Rebel (ABC), Love in the Time of Corona (Freeform) and a CNN promo featuring the song “Future”, released under her sync project MGRD. Redmond's voice can also be heard on several dance songs, including “Last Time” by Midnight Kids (RCA) and “Deep End” by William Black (Lowly). 


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